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Resources - NOTE: As of 23 Dec 2020, these links are ancient.

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 School children

     Haitian World Community Group

Operation Green Leaves, http://oglhaiti.com dedicated to reforestation in the context of economic development.

     Travel and Volunteering

FAVA/CA, Florida Association of Voluntary Agencies for Caribbean Action, http://favaca.org provides seed money travel grants.  Seven principles are self-help, short-term, small-scale, cost-efficient, on time, high impact, and accountable.

Agape Flights, http://agapeflights.com Christian pilots provide regular weekly flights for mail and transport of missionary volunteers to Haiti.

DOA/BN Haiti Travels, http://www.geocities.com/haitiantravelers/index.html DOA/BN (pronounced DWA-BAY-N in Kreyol) is a private business providing historical and cultural seminars and guided tours since 1992 throughout Haiti's nine departments.

Haiti Support Group, http://haitisupport.gn.apc.org/  Justice, human rights, and participatory democracy support group based in London, England, United Kingdom.

Organization for the Rehabilitation of the Environment, http://oreworld.org  is working to improve environmental, agricultural and economic conditions in rural Haiti, involving high revenue tree crops, improved seeds, cash crops and marketing programs.

Quisqueya Christian School Contact Center, http://digitalcrossroads.tripod.com/contactcenter/  Names, email addresses, phone numbers, and locations for many former QCS students.  Also, a discussion board.

     Government Organizations

USAID/Haiti, The United States Agency for International Development Haiti Mission, http://www.usaid.gov/ht/ provides development help for hillside agriculture, micro-credit, health, education, and support for electoral processes.

UN, The United Nations efforts on behalf of Haiti do not seem to have a central hub, but there is useful background informaiton in the Sustainable Development section http://www.un.org/esa/agenda21/natlinfo/countr/haiti/index.htm and in the cyberschoolbus, http://www.cyberschoolbus.un.org/infonation/index.asp?id=332

     Educational and Cultural Resources

University of Kansas Jayhawk Bookstore Haitian Studies, http://www.kubookstore.com books on history, medicine, language, and culture.  Click the link "Haitian Studies" (formerly called Mt. Oread Bookshop.)

Bob Corbett's Haiti Pages, http://www.webster.edu/~corbetre/haiti/haiti.html  Book lists and reviews, history, culture including Voodoo, film, art music, and information on People to People, Inc.  Bob Corbett, of Webster University's Philosophy Department, has visited Haiti some 40 times since 1983 and runs a mailing list on Haiti and he founded the group People To People, Inc.

Bryant Foundation Collection, http://library.ucf.edu/Bryant/haiti.html beautiful oil paintings; elsewhere in the HTML collection http://library.ucf.edu/Bryant/default.htm are works of sculpture, fiber, and musical instruments of Haiti.  The William L. Bryant Foundation Collection of West Indies art, artifacts, and rare books hosted by the University of Central Florida's Library Web Site
and developed in collaboration with the Office of Instructional Resources.

Haiti Archives, http://www.hartford-hwp.com/archives/43a/index.html Lectures from Bob Corbett's on-line Haitian History
course, and a treasure trove of letters and essays on the cultural and political history of Haiti.  Pro bono web pages courtesy of Haines Brown and Hartford Web Publishing.

The Temple of Yehwe, http://www.vodou.org a little slow and may crash some browers such as Netsacpe.   Information on Vodoun, the African presence in the New World, gorgeous photos and music, index of scientific names and Kreyol names for medicinal plants.  Very inspirational.

Windows on Haiti, http://windowsonhaiti.com An nou koupe tèt enjistis, boule kay la mizè, so in the year 2004, Toussaint, Dessalines, Christophe, Pétion, Capois, and all of the heroes and heroines who made 1804 a reality look down on us and see that they did not struggle in vain.  Don't miss the various forums, e.g. ann pale and let's talk and Patrice Backer's "Does Haiti Need A Structural Adjustment?"  This site is very rich in literary art, passion, and everything about the love of Haiti.  Some pages do not display in Netscape.

 The road

     News on Haiti

The Panos Institute http://www.panosinst.org International organization works to strengthen civil societies by helping journalists cover sustainable development issues that are overlooked or misunderstood.

BBC British Broadcasting Company News Online, http://news.bbc.co.uk about the only good cover.  Use their search window to find news on Haiti.  For Audio visit the BBC Caribbean Service http://www.bbc.co.uk/caribbean/

Haiti Online, http://www.haitionline.com - inactive, "in hibernation."

     Country Information

CIA World Factbook http://www.odci.gov/cia/publications/factbook/geos/ha.html

CDC Centers for Disease Control http://www.bbc.co.uk/caribbean/ Health Information for Travelers to Caribbean tells what to watch out for.

UN (United Nations) map of Haiti http://www.un.org/Depts/Cartographic/map/profile/haiti.pdf  This is a good big PDF map.  Make sure you have the Adobe Reader.

     Organizations, governmental and nongovernmental

Trinity College of Washington, D.C.  Haiti Project.

CARE, Country Profiles, http://www.careusa.org/careswork/countryprofiles/Haiti.asp

     Links to Links

MedaliaArt http://medalia.net/Links.html

Port Haïti, http://port-haiti.com

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